IVECO Motorenforschung AG in Arbon, Switzerland is part of FIAT Powertrain (FPT) in the FIAT Industrial Group. Turning out approximately 450,000 units per year, FPT is a global player in the development and production of diesel engines.  The Cursor engine range was first installed in IVECO trucks in 1998. Today's EURO 6 Cursor range has a common-rail high-pressure fuel injection system with a staggering operating pressure of 2,200 bar.

IVECO is the only manufacturer in the world that has managed to make its entire range of engines compliant with the European EURO 6 exhaust emission standard by simply using an SCR system, putting AdBlue in the exhaust system and fitting a soot filter. IVECO does not use EGR (a system that recycles 35% of the exhaust gasses back into the engine's combustion process). As a result, no additional cooling is required and the basic dimensions of the chassis and cabin can remain the same.

All IVECO EURO 6 engines are furthermore fitted with a throttle valve on the exhaust side; this system bears the name Super Engine Brake (SEB). The engine brake is integrated in the operational braking system and the optional intarder.

Super Engine Brake:
All Cursor engines of the EURO 6 generation are fitted with an even stronger engine brake, the SEB:

  • Cursor 9        231 kW at 2,200 Rpm    and    327 kW at 2,800 Rpm
  • Cursor 10      230 kW at 1,900 Rpm    and    419 kW at 2,600 Rpm
  • Cursor 13      330 kW at 1,900 Rpm    and    518 kW at 2,600 Rpm
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